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Frequently Asked Questions
You can register on JazzAgain app or website through the following options:
  • Mobile Number
  • Facebook account
  • Google Mail account
  • Apple id
  • Once logged into the JazzAgain app you will need to update your profile to include your First name, Surname, Phone, Email, Address, State, LGA & include your Bank Details(for sellers only) for payment purposes.
    • Once registered, click 'SELL' button, at bottom of home page.

    • On SELL page select the

    o Category - Men, Women, Boys, Girls, Hair, Jewellery or Beauty.
    o Subcategory - Select the type of item to be sold.
    o Product Name - Mention your product's name.
    o Brand - Select brand if selling branded items (not Mandatory).
    o Color - Select color. You can add color, if not in the list.
    o Size - Select size (Mandatory). You can add your size, if not in the list. Select 'ONE SIZE' for free size products.
  • Product Description - This is important. Give detailed description of the product you want to sell. You must mention damages or issues with the product if there are any. It's important to give an adequate description as true as possible to the buyer because they have the privilege to return products that is SNAD i.e. Significantly Not As Described. A product is considered SNAD when there is a significant difference between the actual product and the detailed description of the product provided by the seller.
  • Product Selling Price - Set the price you want to sell your product at.
  • Product Original Price - the original Price at which you bought the product.
  • Upload Photos - Upload a minimum of 3 photos or short videos of the item. Ensure the environment is well lighted and take the shot from different angles to give overall image of the item. It's nice to iron clothes to get better image.
  • Click on the 'sell now' button once all the information is uploaded. Your item will be displayed for buyers. You can view your products in 'Newly Added Products' section on the app.
    • To edit items for sale,go to 'my uploads' in 'ACCOUNT' (see bottom of home page).
    • On Home Page select category of choice - Men, Women, Boys, Girls, Hair, Jewellery or Beauty.
    • You can also view 'Newly Added Products' or 'Featured Products' or 'Recommended Products'.
    • Products are listed with product name, Offered Price, discount, and LGA & State where the seller is located.
    • Click the product you want to buy and scroll down to see Color, Size and Description as additional information.
    • Click ' Buy now' if you want to proceed with buying.
    • You are taken to another page. You will see three sections.
    • In the first section 'Add the Delivery Address' where the purchased product should be delivered.
    • Various delivery addresses can be saved in this section. You can simply select any one to order a particular delivery.
    • In the second section 'Delivery Mode' select either
    • (1) Arranged pick-up between buyer & seller or

      (2) Through Delivery Partner

    • If you select “(1) Arranged pick-up between buyer & seller” you will make pick-up arrangement with the seller yourself. No delivery charge is applicable in self-pick-up.
    • Go to third section 'Payable Amount' to know final amount to be paid.
    • Click 'continue' to proceed to the payment page.
    • We have different options you can pay through which are Card, Transfer, Bank, USSD & Visa QR.
    • Once the payment is successful, 'CHAT WITH SELLER' is enabled for you to discuss delivery arrangement between you two.
    • If you select “(2) Through Delivery Partner” you'll need to select any one Delivery Partner from the options available on the platform. Delivery charge may differ with different delivery partners.
    • Go to third section 'Payable Amount' to know final amount to be paid.
    • Click 'continue' to proceed to the payment page.
    • We have different options you can pay through which are Card, Transfer, Bank, USSD & Visa QR.
    • Once your payment is confirmed you will be notified on the appthat your order will be delivered'
    • You can see all your orders in'my orders' in 'ACCOUNT' (see bottom on the home page).
    • JazzAgain charges 15% (fifteen percent) commission on each sale. The commission may vary with time. We remit payment to sellers 48hrs after the product is received by the buyer and provided buyer is satisfied & do not initiate any complaint or return on the product.
    • Your payout is initiated to your linked bank account that you mentioned on the app or website while registering on JazzAgain.
    Photos are a key part of any good listing - a great image can be enough to capture any buyer's attention. And you don't need to be a pro photographer to take great photos of your listing.
    • Ensure good lighting while clicking the photograph. Better you take pictures in the day.
    • White or light background helps highlighting the product.
    • Take pictures from all four sides of the product for better understanding by the buyers.
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